1. A Room - A House - of My Own

    A Room – A House – of My Own

    The hubby’s been away at fiddle contests for the last few weekends. I really miss him, even though he’s around and in my hair every weekday and night. Funny how that happens. I want to spend a weekend doing something fun with him. Now that it’s the fall (yes, it’s actually cool), I’m thinking harvest festivals, walks among changing leaves and apple picking.

    Arlington Town Day was this last…

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  2. Simplicity

    Dinner in two parts.


  3. Weird. but Good


    Zucchini bread is a pretty pedestrian affair, as these things go. It makes a regular appearance at farmers markets and coffee shops at this time of year and one is pretty much like the other. It’s a frequent answer to the question: “what am I going to do with all this damn zucchini?” (Same question with tomatoes, actually, although with a different answer.)

    I have a lot of zucchini, so I decided…

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  4. The town is spucing itself up, in an effort to get more tourist dollars into the local economy. We have a very active arts scene here and a few folks had some ideas for our boring old utility boxes. Nice job, guys!

    Arlington Triptych The town is spucing itself up, in an effort to get more tourist dollars into the local economy.
  5. Miss Tomato 2014

    And the winner is… Saw that huge, godawful tomato borer on one of the branches. It is now one dead bug.


  6. August 9 is National Rice Pudding Day

    August 9 is National Rice Pudding Day

    Margy Rydzynski:

    Rice pudding day! Oh my heavens, I love the stuff.

    Originally posted on Foodimentary - National Food Holidays:



    Did you know? Rice pudding is considered the world’s most popular dessert.

    Here are today’s five thing to know about Rice Pudding:

    1. Hundreds of millions of the poor spend half to three fourths of their incomes on rice and only rice.
    2. Rice is the…

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  8. Love The Idea. Implementation? Hmmm.

    Love The Idea. Implementation? Hmmm.

    This video has been making the rounds. A bunch of women decided they wanted something other than a male stripper at parties and came up with a female-friendly idea they called a “Man Servant.” In other words, a very attractive guy taking care of women the same way women take care of other people. They’re actually launching this service as a legitimate business in September. No groin action, just…

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  9. This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Because it’s that beautiful!

    Garden Walk Buffalo, 2014 Because it’s that beautiful!

  10. Come Do the Happy Dance With Me!

    Come Do the Happy Dance With Me!

    I’m done!

    I finished my novel, including the epilogue, yesterday. It’s a steaming pile of crap, as first drafts always are. However, there’s enough there to tuck in and polish, chuck and add, when the editing phase begins. Right now, though, I’m just sitting back and feeling very proud of myself.

    Getting this done in one month was no bed of roses. I knew it would be a slog, so I hired a friend of…

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